Guiding Stars reviewed in National Post

The National Post recently reviewed Guiding Stars, the nutritional rating system that recently debuted in Canada at the national grocery chain Loblaws Cos. Ltd. Guiding Stars is designed to help consumers make healthier eating choices without an advanced degree in interpreting nutrition labels. Such nutritional rating systems are becoming more popular: what makes Guiding Stars stand out?

Guiding Stars rates all foods, not only foods bearing nutritional labels. The science-based algorithm also takes food category into account so that foods like nuts an avocados are not unduly penalized for containing heart-healthy fats. The primary drawback to the system is that it does not account for nutrients that food manufacturers are not required to list on the label, a problem which the post lays on the doorstep of current nutrition labelling practices. Overall, the National Post rates Guiding Stars as a valuable tool for anyone trying to make healthier choices.

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