Guiding Stars Could Improve America’s Health

Independent research suggests that Guiding Stars could help improve the U.S. diet.

Woman shopping at super marketWith poor diet blamed for killing more Americans than smoking, drinking and drug use combined, a new study indicates that simply adding the Guiding Stars at-a-glance nutrition guidance program to products and supermarket shelf tags across the nation could contribute significantly to curbing the national nutritional health crisis.

According to new independent data published recently in the International Food and Agribusiness Management (IFAMA) Review, the nationwide implementation of the Guiding Stars Program on ready-to-eat breakfast cereals alone could prompt consumers to reduce the amount of added sugars and increase the amount of whole grains in their diets by 2.5 percent, while also reducing calories and sodium intake. The findings raise interesting questions about the potential for improving the nutritional quality of consumers’ choices in other product categories as well, such as bread, canned goods and boxed/packaged non-perishable food items.

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